Los 3b’s, a private and secure paradise flying over the canopy of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

A unique and magical place situated:

  • at 15min of the Reserve Manuel Antonio
  • nearby (5-10min) from the centre of Quepos, its airport, its hospital and its recent Marina Pez Vela
  • As per your choice, busy or quiet, at 7 to 25min you will find the Pacific sea and its beaches

Los 3b’s, is a masterpiece built in 2016, a resultant pride of a successful collaboration, friendly and deep 3 energies, 3 crops from 3 continents: Switzerland, Quebec and Costa Rican.

Los 3b’s, represents the epicurean pleasures of life, passions and emotions; its owners, a Swiss couple, home designer, have successfully transmitted to their architects.

Designed according to the principles of Feng Shui and applying the Fibonacci number (the Golden ratio), the architecture and its contemporary design make Los 3b’s full of surprises and subtleties.

Your eyes will be amazed by the power of air, water and horizon metamorphosis.

In its interior, its many terraces protected by endless railing, let your glance scan the breath-taking landscape in the manner of a long tracking shot.

Such a “magnet” Los 3b attracts naturally the most beautiful birds in the world, like the Toucan Keel or the Majestic Scarlet Macaw (Macau).

Los 3b’s is characterized by the common areas and isolated areas with suggestiveness, sensuality, fluidity; while strengthening its sculptural.

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